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Continuous Foaming Line Machine

As the name suggests, this machine produces - in a single process, a long continuous line of foam. By varying the mix, our foaming specialists are able to create foam blocks of varying densities and sensitivities. From static resistant, hard-wearing foam to soft supple color coordinated versions to suit your needs, whatever the application.

KURTZ Moulding Machines
With minimal waste and environmentally friendly procedures, these fully computerized machines produce EPP, EPE and EPS mouldings with equal ease and reliability.

Corrugated Board Production

We are at present able to produce 4,000 metric tonnes per month. By utilizing our state-of-art computerized line, complete with auto slitter, scorer and numerically controlled (NC) cutter, we are able to produce high quality double wall (A, B, C, D & E) corrugated boards to meet your packaging needs far into the next millennium.

Other Products .

We also produce other EPU products such as EPU contour pillow, bra fashion foam, sofa/mattress materials and so on.
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